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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NOTEPAD++ v.6.1.3

Notepad++ v6.1.3 Installer | Freeware
Notepad++ adalah editor pengganti Notepad yang mendukung beberapa bahasa. Berjalan di MS Windows, penggunaannya diatur oleh Lisensi GPL. Software ini bisa meng-edit ASP, ASCII art, Assembly, AutoIt, BAT, C, C#, C++, Caml, CSS, doxygen, FORTRAN, HTML, Haskell, Java, javascript, KiXtart, Lisp, Lua, makefile, Matlab, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PostScript, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Unix Shell Script, Smalltalk, SQL, Tcl, TeX, Verilog, VHDL, VB/VBScript, XML. Cukup Lengkap untuk software yang free. Walaupun di Windows sudah ada notepad tersendiri namun notepad++ cocok untuk seorang programmer. monggo di cek gann..

Notepad++ v6.1.3 enhancement and fixed bugs:
Enhance the performance issue for xml matching tags highlighting and for displaying clickable links.
While the amount of file to open is larger than 200, a dialog will be shown to warn user.
Fix Notepad++ close bug while move one cloned new empty document into another view, in the destination contained only this new empty document.
Fix hanging problem while double-click on a project folder then (immediately) drag it.
Fix a bug while command argument contain an empty string ("").
Fix mouse cursor disappearing bug on right click while a project item is dragging.
Included plugins (Unicode)
Spell Checker v1.3.3
NppFTP 0.24.1
NppExport v0.2.8
Plugin Manager 1.0.8
Converter 3.0


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